The US Presidential Election is a Dumpster Fire

Roger Oliver for Visión America Latina

“This year’s presidential election is a Dumpster fire,” says WSJ journalist, Gerald F. Seib. Well said. Today the same author said the problem with this year’s election is the lack of a mandate for the winners. He pointed out that, according to the numbers crunches at the Tax Foundation, the difference between the two candidates tax plans is an estimated $6 trillion of expected revenue to the Federal Government. That’s a big deal but it is rarely discussed. That, according to Seib, is an example of the lack of any serious debate about policy in this election which, he concludes, will leave the winners with no clear mandate by which to govern. There are two problems with his analysis as I see it.

  1. Politicians don’t pay attention to what the people want anyway. Representation has come to mean the elite telling the people what’s good for them whether they want it or not. The ruling class pushes positive rights which always mean less freedom and more oppression through regulation, licensing and redistributive taxes. There is no free lunch. Someone has to pay. Whoever it is, it is never the politicians who make the promises.
  2. There is a mandate but neither the people nor the ruling elite are interested. God commissions civil magistrates to punish wrongdoers and praise those who do good. (1 Peter 2:14) Of course, good and evil are defined by God’s Law. That is not a mandate to redistribute wealth, to bail out banks, to collect taxes, to control the economy, to provide for widows, orphans, old people and foreigners, to pave roads, to provide health care or a myriad of other positive rights. It is certainly not a mandate to sacrifice our children to the god of state, Moloch, by approving of and funding abortion with the people’s tithes. Even without the mandate from God, what ever happened to the political wisdom that he who governs least governs best?

We the people have chosen Moloch for our god. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the dumpster fire. Conservative and liberal have no meaning. The only difference is how best to worship the god of state. The WSJ article is just a call to get clear on who or what will be sacrificed. That would be a mandate not for how to govern but for how to oppress a people who apparently no longer want to be free. So there really is a mandate, just from another god made in our image.

A quote from “Conspiracy in Philadelphia” by Gary North

From the wall of Roger Oliver

Concerning the recently revealed horror of selling aborted baby parts and the Supreme Court decision concerning same-sex marriage, an interesting quote from Conspiracy in Philadelphia by Gary North, p. 96

“Ever since the early 1940s, the Supreme Court has been unwilling to protect private property from all kinds of confiscation and control by local, state, and federal governments. 57 Post-Darwinian liberalism has been victorious over Lockean liberalism. In 1973, the Supreme Court determined that lives in the womb are not under this protection because of a Court-invented Constitutional guarantee of privacy: woman and physician. State civil sanctions could no longer be brought against this class of murderers who had successfully conspired to deprive another person of life. 58 Post-Darwinian liberalism won again. Human life can now be legally sacrificed on the altar of convenience. The hope of the Framers—to place judicial limits on the worst decisions of the legislature—did not succeed, although this fact took a century and a half to become clear to everyone. If anything, the Supreme Court, insulated from direct public opinion, proved in 1973 that it was the worse offender as an agent of the formally sovereign People.”

Thoughts and notes of Institutes of Biblical Law

“Many of the goals sought by modern liberals are a part of the Mosaic law, but with a significant difference. Biblical law required the just treatment of the laborer; it forbad fraud in foods, measures, money, and drugs. It required soil conservation, and much else, but not by administrative agencies. The criminal law forbad murder and theft, and all harmful drugs and foods were forbidden as destructive of life; fraudulent foods and goods were theft, and so on. In modern society, these offenses are too often the jurisdiction of arbitrary administrative agencies, as are labor problems, with the result that the criminal law is subverted and the very purpose of this law, the prevention of oppression, nullified. Moreover, because civil statute law has replaced Biblical law, men can be harmed and their lives shortened by dangerous drugs and sprays, and no crime exists unless a statute covers the specific offense. The combination of statute law and administrative law has created oppression, whereas the common law of Scripture gives man a principle of justice and a basis for a public understanding of law.”

RJ Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law p. 497

Justice and Wealth in Mexico

wealth and poverty

An aerial photo essay someone posted on Facebook portrays the juxtaposition of wealth and poverty in Mexico. The title of the essay is, These Shocking Unaltered Aerial Photos Reveal the Unjust Division of Wealth in Mexico. You can see it here, Division of Wealth in Mexico. The photos are real and the problem is real but is the problem the division or wealth or something else?

Collectivism, central planning, a burdensome tyrannical tax system, the central bank, fiat money, the burden of bureaucratic administrative law and corruption cause this. I live here and live with this nonsense; this dogma that the state must do something about the economy. All of this is driven by the doctrine that the problem is distribution, i.e. the unjust division of wealth. The state and all it is “doing” to “fix” the problem of distribution is the cause. The problem is not distribution but production. A truly free market governed but the just laws of God will solve it.

The government’s policies and the bureaucracies it creates plus the regulations that result from that have created tremendous barriers to competition and entry into the market by new businesses. It is very difficult for families to start productive businesses because everything is regulated, taxed and licensed, all in the name of fixing the alleged problem of division of wealth. It’s like looking through the wrong end of a telescope.

The current administration, especially in our state of Puebla, is abusing eminent domain to confiscate property and favor certain businesses and corporations. Eminent domain is a violation of the 8th commandment, thou shalt not steal. Stealing a family’s property to build an industrial park that will house an Audi plant to “create jobs” to fix the problem of division of wealth is still stealing. It is also wrongheaded; the wealth always ends up accumulating in the hands of the politicians and insiders. This God is judging, a better explanation of what is in the photo essay than division of wealth.

This is not unusual. In another part of Mexico a politician confiscated land from local farmers and built a big, showy school, a housing project, and a building for small business. What do the farmers say about this savior politician? They curse him. He is now well placed in the power structures of national politics.

The myths of the politics of guilt and envy perpetuate the system. The covetous poor believe the myths and keep voting for the same government policies that enslave them. Myth: Mexicans don’t save so we must have social security to force them to save and take care of those who don’t contribute. Truth: Mexicans are smart productive people given an opportunity. After all, they manage to survive in this horrible system and are in demand even as illegal workers north of the border. They don’t save because 1. There is nothing left to save after taxes and inflated prices and 2. The promise that the messianic government will take care of you is an incentive not to save.

Margaret Thatcher, “Socialism works until it runs out of other people’s money.”

Mexico’s government is running out of OPM and thinks the solution is to go steal some more. The goose that lays the golden egg has no feathers. The government stole them. In the name of just division of wealth the government passed a law requiring employees to begin paying into a pension fund for their employees after they have been with the company for so many years. Business people here are smarter than GM, they know how to stay away from the pension plan trap. They fire their older workers before they incur the pension obligation. Upper level managers are often foreigners who are paid from outside the country. The lower level folks are talented young people, few of whom will make it past 40 in a responsible, well-paying position. Result: gifted, experienced folks who made a good living find themselves without a job and not able to get one at the level of their training and experience at the age of 38 to 40.

Another pervasive myth that permeates the Mexican worldview is salvation by education. People are in terror of not getting an education validated by the state. But because of policies like the pension policy mentioned above professional careers are short lived. I’d guess on average a talented young person fresh out of the state approved university system might have a productive career of 15 to 20 years before being put out to pasture. When it happens they often are not ready because they bought the myth of the good life and financed it with debt. They can make the payments while employed but when they find themselves on the outside it disappears into thin air.

wealth and poverty 3What the photographs do not show is the movement of people from one side of the fence to the other. Not all poor people stay poor and not all rich people stay rich. However, due to the nature of the system, the movement from rich to poor is greater than from poor to rich. It might be more accurate to say upper middle class to nearly begging.

It is not that uncommon for a former executive to be reduced to working all day just to put food on the table for that day with nothing left for tomorrow. His wife, who once managed a house with help, is reduced to selling homemade Popsicles on the street. She is still an honorable Proverbs 31 woman, just reduced to poverty.

The policy makers who do the damage never have to face the consequences of their decisions. They are the elite. By the time the chickens come home to roost they are out of office living on a fat pension funded by the productive people they took to the cleaners. They are serious about one thing: maintaining their power and the wealth that comes with it. They are not interested in the unjust division of wealth in Mexico. How serious are they? I was discussing this photo essay with a young friend here on Facebook. He told me the story about the farmers who lost their land and named names. In the middle of the conversation he wrote, “Roger, I´ve just been advised not to talk truths on Facebook, cuz it could not be good.” “How not good?” I asked. Not good as in the names named could come hunting you with malice aforethought.

Pray for Mexico. Pray against her enemies within, that God may bring judgment against them soon. He who loves God hates evil.

Psalm 83, an imprecatory prayer ends this way:

83:17 May they be humiliated and continually terrified! May they die in shame! 83:18 Then they will know that you alone are the Lord, the sovereign king over all the earth.

Rushdoony on Government

By: Roger Oliver 3/24/2014

Random quotes from Rushdoony, Systematic Theology Vol II, the church. Pertinent passages strung together that I posted in Spanish in an article on and on Facebook to provoke thoughtful questioning of the new educational reform in Visión México. Expands on another Rushdoony quote, “We must abandon the renewed paganism of statism. We must become a truly Biblically governed people.”

If we abandon the paganism of statism, what kind of government should replace it? What does it mean to be a truly Biblically governed people? Elder based government based on the family from the bottom up rather than a top down bureaucracy.

God thus ordained that the family be the nucleus of government. Various references to elders in the Bible make clear that eldership is a pattern for government in a variety of spheres. There are elders of the people or of the country, who made up the civil government.

This Biblical form of government requires that men and the families be trained to govern. The basic government is on the family level, and all other forms of government rest thereon. This means that a society is as secure as its family structure. This is a fact often confirmed by sociology and psychology, and with reason, because God has so ordered life. This structure ensures a strength in government. Whether in church or state, it is a stabilizing force.

What this pattern of eldership does is to create a network of responsible and governing men on the local level. Government is not primarily a function of remote state officials, or high-ranking church officers, but of every man in his place. Instead of a concentration of government at higher levels, government under God is diffused throughout society, and responsibility is made a mandate for every man.

It must be said that modern men are largely slaves. They leave the government of their children to their wives, the schools, or the church. The free man is thus a governing man. The slave, one who seeks security above freedom, cannot be an elder.

Without the law of God, and the examples of God’s judgment on lawbreakers in Scripture, history will be the continuing and weary round of judgment on unconfronted covenant-breakers. Even more, it is not merely knowledge of the law, but a life of faithfulness which is required. The goal is “that they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments” (Ps. 78:7).

The training for government in church, state, and other areas is in Scripture essentially within the family. Men must early be prepared for responsibility and eldership by being taught that their sins are more serious in the sight of God because they are men. It is not enough for boys to be trained to be good; they must also be trained to be able rulers of themselves and of their domain under God. An elementary qualification of any covenant man is cited by Paul as he discusses the church: “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (I Tim. 5:8.)

The attitude of modern man is that status is a license for irresponsibility. Women have imitated men, and the feminist “liberation” movement is a demand for irresponsibility, and hence its close ties to the sexual revolution and to the homosexual and lesbian causes. The covenant child must be taught that he must be the most responsible person in his society if he is a boy, because he must function as an elder in his home and calling.

We dare not share in the evolutionary doctrine that the family represents an early and primitive stage in the history of man, and the state a higher one. Neither church (i.e., the Christian synagogue) nor state can be given apriority over the family.

The family is central to the covenant and therefore to every Christian institution, church, state, school, and all things else. Some churches still number their membership by families instead of individuals, a sound covenantal practice (In terms of I Corinthians 7:14, if one member of a family is redeemed, the family is numbered in terms of that one person.)

God’s Kingdom is much more than the Christian Church, state, school, and family and it is more than time and history. The necessity for salvation, God’s Kingdom, and God’s church refers to more than man’s institutions, although it can be inclusive of them. However, on the premise of the necessity of the institution of the church, men required membership of all men (It can be added that the state also sees itself as a necessary institution and as something more than man and transcending man.)

The eldership is a means of recapturing government for God; it is the starting-point of dominion, and it is the essence of godly government. In this calling, the wife is a help-meet in the exercise of man’s calling and dominion.

The alternative to God’s government is centralization, totalitarianism, and tyranny.

Accountability is a popular subject these days in the church. I always ask, “To whom and by what standard.” Provokes more quizzical looks than answers. Accountability would be dealt with appropriately in a family based elder leadership system.

The overseers’ job is primarily justice, judgment according to the Law/Word of God. The Biblical model found in Exodus 18 and Deuteronomy 1 is a natural organization of families, tens, fifties, hundreds and thousands. If the leader of a group of 10 families cannot solve the problem he was to appeal to the overseer of the group of 5 of these groups of 10, i.e. 50. Two 50’s make a group of 100 with an overseer for the same purpose. 10 groups of 100 make a group of 1000 with an overseer at that level for the same purpose. The focus is on justice, not control. (Exodus 18:13-26, Deuteronomy 1:9-17.)

“Without the law of God, and the examples of God’s judgment on lawbreakers in Scripture, history will be the continuing and weary round of judgment on unconfronted covenant-breakers.”

How should this affect the way we present the Gospel? What to do when you discover a new convert still sleeps around, at least with his girlfriend. It needs to be confronted in discipleship of course, but again, by what standard if not the Law? Should not something about this have been part of the gospel presented to this guy from the get go. Should we not be presenting Christ as Savior AND King?

I find myself using more and more the armament of apologetics as part of sharing the Gospel. But I’m still stuck in second gear because of a lifetime of formation using a Gospel tract and an perhaps oversimplified “presentation” of the Gospel. If you have any thoughts on this matter I’d love to hear them.

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